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Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World - Electives, hospitals, medical schools, medicine, nursing, travel, work,  NGOs, voluntary work, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mark Wilson
The Medic's Guide Book

Welcome to 

Medics Travel has been set up to help doctors, nurses, physios, theatre staff, radiographers and other health professionals arrange work and electives overseas. It provides ideas of places to go as well as lists of hospitals in over 120 different countries. It also lists Non Governmental Organisations and Recruitment Agencies that work all over the world.

Medics Travel receives over 1000 visits every day (30,000 per month) and this continues to increase. We have over 5000 doctors and other medical staff in our database looking for work overseas.

There are two ways to Advertise on Medics Travel:

1) Use the Google Adwords Programme:
This is how the small red and yellow adverts around the top and down the right of the site are generated. For more information or to sign up, simply
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2) Place a Specific Advert:
While a simple listing is free (please just e-mail us), we do charge for Banner adverts and for a listing with a logo/information about your company. To start off, simply e-mail (to advertise@medicstravel.org) what you want with any logos/banner adverts as attachments - we'll get back to you and ask you to pay by clicking on the link next to what you have chosen. You don't have to pay until you are happy with your advert.

Currently the costs are as follows:

Banner Adverts (like the one at the top of this page or the two Google adverts together - size 468x60):

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For Recruitment Agencies: 
- On the home page - the cost of the banner advert displayed 100% of the time is £500/month
- On a specific country page - the cost of a banner advert (which will be displayed on both the hospitals and recruitment agencies pages) for a specific country is £50/month
For NGOs wanting to advertise in a developing country:
This is free
- simply e-mail us a banner advert (468x60) in any format stating which country you would like it to appear in
For Recruitment Agencies
- A listing is free - simply e-mail us your company name and contact details
- Listing with Logo, text and hyperlink: To have your company logo displayed (linked to your website) and a small blurb about your company (up to 300 words) the cost is £20/year click here for an example
For NGOs:
This is free, simply e-mail a logo and a small blurb about your organisation

Please note - you can book a banner advert for up to six months

For more details or to request an advert e-mail: advertise@medicstravel.com 

For more information on the hospitals/organisations above check out
 The Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World

Medics Travel
is for doctors, nurses, medical/nursing students and other health professionals wanting to plan work and electives with hospitals,  NGOs and charities overseas. It also lists government and recruitment agencies and has updates for the ultimate guide - The Medics Guide to Work and Electives Around the World - good luck in your travels...and please update this site when you come back!!!
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