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Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World - Electives, hospitals, medical schools, medicine, nursing, travel, work,  NGOs, voluntary work, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mark Wilson
The Medic's Guide Book

New Zealand hospitals, electives, medical schools, NGOs, recruitment agencies, voluntary work, nursing, medical, health care, rural,  charity work, elective, hospital, missionary work, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, medics travel, the medics guide to work and electives around the world, mark wilsonNew Zealand hospitals, electives, medical schools, NGOs, recruitment agencies, voluntary work, nursing, medical, health care, rural,  charity work, elective, hospital, missionary work, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, medics travel, the medics guide to work and electives around the world, mark wilsonNEW ZEALAND

Population: 3.6 million
Language: English
Capital: Wellington
Currency: New Zealand dollar
Int Code: +64

Visas and work permits:
look on www.immigration.govt.nz

There are two universities in New Zealand, the University of Auckland and the University of Otago (based in Dunedin). There are, however, four clinical schools, Auckland (www.auckland.ac.nz),  Wellington (www.wnmeds.ac.nz), Christchurch (www.chmeds.ac.nz) and Dunedin. The last three are the clinical schools of the University of Otago (www.otago.ac.nz). There are big summer holidays in the run up to Christmas. Therefore there aren’t many students around. You lose on the social life but do get a bit more attention.

Professional Organisations and Boards

Note – many organisations are joined with those in Australia

New Zealand Dental Association, PO Box 28 084, Auckland 5 Tel: 09 524 2778 Fax: 09 520 5256 www.nzda.org.nz e-mail: nzda@nzda.org.nz
New Zealand Dental Therapists Association, 9 Miriam Corban Heights, Henderson, Auckland www.nzdta.co.nz 
Dental Council of New Zealand, Level 8, 108 The Terrace, PO Box 10-448, Wellington Tel: 04 499 1668 www.dentalcouncil.org.nz
New Zealand Dietetic Association, PO Box 5065, Wellington Tel: 04 473 3061 Fax: 04 473 3062 www.dietitians.org.nz e-mail: nzda@dietitians.org.nz 
Dieticians Board, PO Box 10-140, Wellington Tel: 04 499 7979 Fax: 04 472 2350
New Zealand Medical Associtaion, PO Box 156, Wellington Tel: 04 472 4741 Fax: 04 471 0838 www.nzma.org.nz 
The Medical Council of New Zealand, 139-143 Willis Street, PO Box 11-649, Wellington Tel: 04 384 7635 Fax: 04 385 8902 www.mcnz.org.nz 
Nursing Council of New Zealand, PO Box 105 483, Auckland www.nursingcouncil.org.nz
New Zealand Nurses Organisation, PO Box 2128, Wellington Tel: 04 386 0847 Fax: 04 382 9993 www.nzno.org.nz
Nurses Association Inc, PO Box 2128, Wellington www.nram.org.nz 
Occupational Therapists: 
New Zealand Association of Occupational Therapists, PO Box 12-506, Royal Society of New Zealand Offices, 4 Halswell Street, Thorndon, Wellington 6001 Tel: 04 473 6510 Fax: 04 473 1841 www.nzaot.com 
Occupational Therapy Board, PO Box 10-140, Wellington Tel: 04 499 7979 Fax: 04 472 2350 www.occupationaltherapyboard.org.nz 
Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand, PO Box 27139, 124 Dixon Street, Wellington Tel: 04 802 8200 Fax: 04 384 8055 www.pgnz.org.nz e-mail: p.guild@pharmacy-house.org.nz  
New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists, PO Box 27 386, Level 5, Wang House, 195-201 Willis Street, Wellington Tel: 04 801 6500 Fax:  04 801 5571 www.physiotherapy.org.nz e-mail: nzsp@physiotherapy.org.nz
Physiotherapy Board, PO Box 10 734, Wellington Tel: 04 471 2610 Fax: 04 471 2613 www.physioboard.org.nz e-mail: physio@physioboard.org.nz
Speech Therapists:
New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists Association, Suite 369, 63 remuera Road, Newmarket, Auckland tel: 03 235 8257 Fax: 03 235 8850 www.nzsta-speech.org.nz e-mail: nzsta@clear.net.nz 

Medical Specialist Organistations:

Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, Ulimaroa, 630 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia Tel: 03 9510 6299 Fax: 03 9510 6786 www.anzca.edu.au 
New Zealand General Practitioners’ Association, PO Box 10 789, 28 The Terrace, Wellington Tel: 04 472 8992 Fax: 04 499 360704 
Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, PO Box 10 440, Wellington Tel: 04 496 5999 Fax: 04 496 5997 www.rnzcgp.org.nz e-mail: rnzcgp@rnzcgp.org.nz 
Royal Australasian College of Physicians, 5th Floor, St John House, 99 The Terrace, Wellington Tel: 04 472 6713 Fax: 04 472 6718 www.racp.edu.au e-mail: jo.jones@racp.org.nz
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (New Zealand), St John House, Terrace level, 99 The Terrace (PO Box 10-424) Wellington Tel: 04 472 6470 Fax: 04 472 6474 www.ranzcr.edu.au 

Useful links:

For general Job vacanices for doctors check out www.southerndoctor.co.nz

For a list of health and hospital services (but not hospital addresses) visit www.hospitals.co.nz/public.html  

For lists of job vacancies and advice on obtaining medical work in New Zealand visit New Zealand Health Jobs www.nzhealth.co.nz

North Island


 Check out www.adhb.govt.nz/akhealth/ for details on hospitals and all their departments throughout Auckland. 

University of Auckland, School of Medicine, Private Bag 92019, Auckland Tel: 09 373 7521 Fax: 09 373 7482 www.health.auckland.ac.nz 

Auckland Hospital (including Starship Paediatric Hosptal www.starship.org.nz ), Park Road/Grafton Road, Auckland, New Zealand.

Green Lane Hospital, Green Lane, Auckland 1005 

National Women’s Hospital, Claude Road, Epsom, Auckland Tel: 09 630 9943 Fax: 09 630 9761

North Shore Hospital, Shakespeare Road, Milford, Takapuna, Auckland

Middlemore Hospital, Private Bag 93311,  Auckland 


Wellington School of Medicine, 23 A Mein St, Newtown, Wellington, PO Box 7343, Wellington South, NZ Tel: 04 385 5541 Fax: 04 385 5725 www.wnmeds.ac.nz

To do an elective in Wellington contact The Overseas Elective Co-ordinator at the above address (or e-mail wsmelectives@wnmeds.ac.nz). You have to fill in a form stating what you have already done, stick a photo on it, get malpractice insurance, tick subjects you would like to do (from paediatric surgery to neurology; research, GP, public health and psychiatry are also available) and send it back.

Wellington Hospital, Mein Street, Newtown, Wellington, PO Box 7343 www.ccdhb.org.nz 

Northland Region: 

Check out the Northland’s extensive health webiste (which includes job vacancies): www.northlanddhb.org.nz NB Two other small hospitals in this area are: Kaitaia and Daraville. 

Whangarei Area Hospital, Northland Health Limited, PO Box 742, Whangarei  Tel: 0 9 430 4100 Fax: 0 9 430 4110. www.northlanddhb.org.nz/NHL/whangareihospital.htm 
Bay of Islands Hospital, PO Box 290, Kawakawa Tel: 09 404 0280 www.northlanddhb.org.nz/NHL/BayofIslandsHospital.htm 
Whakatane Hospital, Stewart Street, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, North Island 

Rotorua Hospital, Lakeland Health, Private Bag 3023, Rotorua Tel: (07) 348 199.
Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Rheumatology and Rehabilitation, PO Box 1342, Whakaue Street, Rotorua Tel: 07 348 0189 Fax: 07 348 4266 www.qehospital.co.nz 

Gisborne Hospital, Tairawhiti Healthcare Ltd, Private Bag 7001, Gisborne. 

Thames Hospital
, Waikato Area Health Board, Thames, PO Box 707.

Tauranga Hospital, Western Bay Health, Cameron Road, Tauranga (run by: Pacific Health, Private Bag 12024, Tauranga Tel: 07 577 8000, Fax: 07 577 8487)
Hastings Memorial Hospital, c/o Health Care, Hawkes Bay, Hastings. 
Waikato Hospital, Private Bag 3200, Hamilton, Tel: 0 839 8880 Fax: 07 839 8897. www.waikatodhb.govt.nz 

South Island


Christchurch School of Medicine
Christchurch School of Medicine, Christchurch Hospital, PO Box 4345, Christchurch, Tel: 03 364 0824 Fax: 03 364 0935 www.chmeds.ac.nz 

The school is in and uses Christchurch Hospital for its clinical training. It is the major teaching hospital of the University of Otago (based further down the coast). They can arrange electives in all specialities (there’s a charge of NZ$500) although some students have found they can’t do general medicine or surgery as they are full with their own students. This is an extremely popular destination. Write incredibly early to the above address. (Full details on:  http://healthsci.otago.ac.nz/division/medicine/elective.htm)

The two health service providers in this area are:

Healthlink South, 3rd Floor, 10 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Tel: 03 364 0150 Fax: 03 364 0318
Canterbury Health, Private Bag 4710, Christchurch Tel: 03 364 0137 Fax: 03 364 0438

Christchurch Hospital, Riccarton Avenue, Private bag 4710, Christchurch, South Island Tel: 03 364 0640 Fax: 03 364 0453 www.cdhb.govt.nz/christchurch.htm 

Spinal Injuries Unit, Burwood Hospital, Private Bag 4708, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Princess Margaret Hospital, Private bag, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dunedin :

Otago Medical School, PO Box 913, Gt King Street, Dunedin Tel: 03 479 7454 Fax: 03 479 5459 www.otago.ac.nz/facmed . Otago has three clinical schools: Christchurch, Wellington (see above) and Dunedin. The Dunidin school can arrange electives in its main teaching hospital, Dunedin, or a number of others including: Wakari, Balclutha, Oamaru, Dunstan, Southland and Lakes District Hospitals. Write to the Overseas Electives Co-ordinator at the Administration Office at the above address (or look on  http://healthsci.otago.ac.nz/dsm/electives.htm)  Note: There is a charge of NZ$500

Dunedin Hospital, Dunedin, New Zealand (run by: Healthcare Otago, Private bag 1921, Dunedin Tel: 03 474 0999, Fax: 03 474 7623)

Southland Hospital, Invercargill, Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand.

Nelson Hospital, Private Bag, Nelson, South Island Tel: 03 546 1800 Fax: 03 546 1680.

Timaru Public Hospital
, Health South Canterbury, High Street, Private Bag 911, Timaru, New Zealand. Tel: 03 688 1079 Fax: 03 688 0238



For more information on the hospitals/organisations above check out
 The Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World

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