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Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World - Electives, hospitals, medical schools, medicine, nursing, travel, work,  NGOs, voluntary work, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mark Wilson
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Peru hospitals, electives, medical schools, NGOs, recruitment agencies, voluntary work, nursing, medical, health care, rural,  charity work, elective, hospital, missionary work, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, medics travel, the medics guide to work and electives around the world, mark wilsonPeru hospitals, electives, medical schools, NGOs, recruitment agencies, voluntary work, nursing, medical, health care, rural,  charity work, elective, hospital, missionary work, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, medics travel, the medics guide to work and electives around the world, mark wilsonPERU

Population: 24 million

Languages: Spanish, Quechua and Aymará

Capital: Lima

Currency: New sol

Int Code: +51

Visas and Work Permits: Nationals of countries, including the UK, Australia, NZ, USA and most of Europe can stay for 90 days without a permit. They are required to have a return ticket. British volunteer workers should obtain a visa either before they go or once in Peru. Student visas can be easily obtained with a letter from the institution in Peru, a couple of photos, passport and a copy of your last bank statement. To work for pay, the institution has to apply to their department of immigration. If working for a charity their sponsors must apply to the Secretaria Ejecutiva de Coperacion Technica International of the Ministerio de la Presidencia. The Peruvian Immigration Service can then authorize a visa. Alternatively, you can go out as a tourist and apply for a visa when there. The Embassy can provide a list of clinics and hospitals across Peru.


Most Westerners work through an international organization. Some that work in Peru include:

Comite Internacional de la Cruz Roja (CICR) (Red Cross International Committee).
Av Juan d Aliaga 620, Magdalena, Peru.
Organizacion Panamericana de la Salud (Pan-American Health Organization), Los Cedros 269, Lima 27, Peru.
UNICEF, Parqe Melitón Porras 350, Lima 18, Peru.

Useful addresses:

Ministry of Health: Ministry de Salud 8 Cuadra Avda Salaverry, Jesús Maria, Lima 11 Tel: +51 1 4326242 Fax: 1 4313671
Peru Medical Association: Colegio Médico del Perú Malecón Armendáriz No. 791 Miraflores Lima Tel: +51 1 447 49 30 Fax: 1 242 39 17 www.colmed.org.pe
Peru Dental Association: Los Proceres 261, Urb Santa Constanza, Surco Tel: +51 1 435 1623 Fax: 1 435 1623

Medical Schools: The three in Lima are:

Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, Programa Académico de Medicina Humana, Jr. Río Chepen s/n Cuadra 1, Hospital Hipólito Unánue, Lima 10 (El Agustino)
Tel: +51 362 5545 Fax: 464 4370 www.unfv-bib.edu.pe
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Programa Académico de Medicina Humana, Casilla 529, Avenida Grau 755, Lima 1, Peru Tel: +51 14 328 1154  Fax: 14 328 3231 www.unmsm.edu.pe (This is the oldest one, founded in 1856.)
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Apartado 5045, Programa Académico de Medicina, Avenida Honorio Delgado 932, San Martin Porres, Lima 31 Tel: +51 1 482 0828 Fax: 1 482 0828 www.upch.edu.pe

Some Medical Schools outside Lima are:

Universidad Nacional de la Amazonía Peruna, Programa Académco de Medicina, Apartado 496, Avenida Colonial s/n, Moronillo, Punchana, Apartado 613, Iquitos
Tel: +51 94 251 780 Fax: 94 233 228 www.uniamazonia.edu.pe
Universidad Nacional de San Agustin, Programa Académico de Medicina, Casilla 1365, Arequipa
Tel: +51 54 233 793 Fax: 54 233 803 www.unsa.edu.pe
Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Programa Académico de Medicina Humana, Salaverry 545, Apdo. 361, Trujillo Tel: +51 44 232 131 Fax: 44 254 482 www.unitru.edu.pe
Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad, Programa Académico de Medicina Humana, Avenida de la Cultura s/n, Apartado 921, Cusco Tel: +51 84 224 905 Fax: 84 226 048 www.unsaac.edu.pe
Universidad Nacional Técnica de Piura, Programa Académico de Medicina Humana, Prolongación Avenia Grau s/n, Apartado 295, Piura Tel: +51 74 345 259 Fax: 74 342 865 www.unp.edu.pe
Universidad ‘San Luis Gonzaga’, Programa Acaedémico de Medicina Humana, Independencia 431, Apartado 106, Ica Tel: +51 34 223 615 Fax: 34 225 262


The most popular elective destination in Peru is to the tropical medicine institute (Instituto de Medicina Tropical Alexander von Humboldt) which is associated with the Universidad Peruano Cayetano Heredia.

Instituto de Medicina Tropical Alexander von Humboldt (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia), Apartado 5045, Postal 4314, Lima 100, Peru Tel: +51 14 823401 Fax: 14 823404. The hospital: In the outpatients department of this tropical diseases hospital you’ll see leishmaniasis, brucellosis, typhoid, viral hepatitis, bartonellosis and other rarer conditions such as spider bites and free living amoebiasis. Hep B and HIV are also very common. The ward has 30 beds dedicated to tropical diseases and HIV. Facilities are sparse, but there are opportunities for practical procedures such as lumbar puncture. Elective notes: Conditions around the hospital, which includes many slums, are extremely poor, to the extent that interns often have to supply their own syringes and needles. Despite this, the staff are incredibly friendly and encourage you to get involved. They charge a fee of $300 per month for teaching. This is well worth it as you are unlikely to know much about the diseases otherwise. A good understanding of Spanish is essential. They can also arrange for you to spend a week in Iquitos in the Amazon jungle ($170 rtn flight, two hours north-east of Lima). There you’ll see many cases of leprosy, snake bites and leishmaniasis. The hospital here (Hospital Regional de Loreto) again is very ill equipped, but the staff are welcoming.

Instituto de Salud del Niño (Children’s Hospital of Lima), Av Brasil 600, Breña, Lima 5, Lima, Peru Tel: +51 424 1996 Fax: 425 1840.

Hospital de Emergencia “Casumiru Ulloa”, Ave Republica de Panama, Miraflores, Lima Tel: +51 1 445 5096


Hospital Regional de Cajamarca, Avenida Mario Urteaga No 500, Cajamarca, Peru Tel: +51 44 922414.


Asociación San Lucas, Apartado #2, Moyobamba, San Martin, Peru.

Some other Regional Hospitals:

Hospital Regional IPSS, Antiguo Aeropuerto s/n Cusco Tel: +51 84 234 724 Fax: 84 234 724
Hospital Regional Centro de Salud, 1022 El Sol, Puno Fax: 54 351 020
Hospital Jose Mendoza Olavarria, Ave 24 de Julio, Tumbles 401 Tel: +51 74 524 775

Other places in Peru:

Asociacion Cristiana Femenina (YWCA), B Herrera 157B, Lima 14, Peru.
Clinica San Juan de Dios, Plaza Garibaldi s/n, Lima, Peru.
Comp Hijas de la Caridad San Vicente de Paul, S/n Hospital Dos de Mayo, San Martin, Lima, Peru.
Ejercito de Salvacion (Salvation Army), Colón 138, Callao, Peru.
Hermanitas de los Ancianos Desamparados (For old people), La Florida 339, Chosica, Peru.
Hijas de Maria Immaculada, Av El Polo 350, Monterrico, Lima 33, Peru.
Hogar Clinica San Juan de Dios, Km 1 Carr Central, Lima, Peru.
Hospital de Beneficencia de Maternidad, Clinica Sta Maria S/n AM Quesada, Lima,Peru
Iglesia Anglicana Episcopal del Peru, Chacaltana 114, Lima, Peru 18. Tel: 14 453044.
Obras Misioales Pontificias, Mrcal Miller 1524, Lima 14, Peru.
Puericultorio de Beneficencia Perez Aranibar, Av del Ejército, Lima 17, Peru.
Sociedad Francesa de Beneficencia, Centro Hospitalario Maison de Sante, M Aljovin 208, Lima, Peru.
Union Nacional de Ciegos del Peru (For blind people).



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