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Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World - Electives, hospitals, medical schools, medicine, nursing, travel, work,  NGOs, voluntary work, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mark Wilson
The Medic's Guide Book

Welcome to Mark Wilson's Home Page

Mark Wilson run's a number of websites, including  MEDICSTRAVEL

Basically all that you need to know about him (there's not much), and how to get in touch with him, is on this page

   Call me!
The Blog

Mark Wilson

HEMS and Neurosurgery Registrar at the Royal London Hospital

Age: 31

email: mark at medicstravel.org (replace at with @)

Work Address:
HEMS, The Helipad, Royal London Hospital

E1 1BB

St Anne's Primary School Orpingto
Dulwich College

Medical Training:
St Bartholomew's Hospital
University College London
Queens' College, Cambridge

Places of Work:
Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
University College Hospital / Middlesex Hospital
Royal London Hospital
East Surrey Hospital
Overseas - a lot!

Countries of Work:
South Africa
+ Expedition Work

Elective and Overseas Working Articles:

The Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World

This is a kind of "Lonely Planet" guide for doctors, nurses and students listing hundreds of hopsitals and organisations that are great for electives and working at around the world. Over 100 countries are covered....it is now in it's second edition and is avialbale from Amazon and other great book shops including MedicsBooks!

BMJ Publications:

How to use medicine as your passport – BMJ Careers focus 16th June 2001, Pages 2-3
Working in Australasia – BMJ Careers focus 15th June 2002, Pages 2-5
Tips on Working Abroad – BMJ Careers focus 2nd Feb 2002, Page 8
PDF Symbol
Medicine can be your passport – Student BMJ, May 2001 Page 139 

Arctic Articles for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Franklin Part 1

Franklin Part 2

Franklin Part 3

Franklin Part 4


For more information on the hospitals/organisations above check out
 The Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World
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Medics Travel is for doctors, nurses, medical/nursing students and other health professionals wanting to plan work and electives with hospitals,  NGOs and charities overseas. It also lists government and recruitment agencies and has updates for the ultimate guide - The Medics Guide to Work and Electives Around the World - good luck in your travels...and please update this site when you come back!!!
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