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Welcome to 

Planning Your Elective

Medicine is your Passport...There really is no other career that lets you into virtually any culture and be welcomed with open arms...

MEDICSTRAVEL has been set up to help you try to make the most of this - it lists hundreds of hospitals, NGOs and other organisations to get you thinking. More details on all of them can be found in The Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World.

Medics Travel now has an Elective organisation service - let us know what you want and we'll do the research for you...click here for more details....

Medical training - either to become a doctor, nurse or other health professional, offers us a fantastic opportunity to get involved and experience other cultures in any part of the world...while you may really be wanting a big holiday, do seriously think about organising a decent elective spell too....the world is your oyster...

Here some Questions you might want to ask yourself:

Do I have to go overseas?
You don't have to and problems like exam resits may mean you can't but do not think you can't afford to go overseas - there are many grants available and the cost of living can be considerable less than at home.

How do I find out about places?
Well your at the best website! Have a flick through the country you want to visit for lists of hospitals. Try a Google search if you are unable to find the one you want.
There are many other good websites such as Hospital Web (very good for western/American Hospitals) and Mission Finder (for developing world hospitals)
The Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World details thousands of hospitals, NGOs and other organisations (such as mountain rescue, diving medicine, NASA...) and accompanies this website...

I don't a speak a de language....
Well you're gonna need to learn at least a little...in many African countries there are usually translators around - however, if going to South America or China do not expect anyone to speak English...a useful service while preparing for an elective (e.g. for writing letters) is available here

Is it a safe place for me to go?
Check out www.fco.gov.uk - This is the UK Foreign Office's website and kept very up to date

What Vaccinations will I need?
The department of health has a good comprehensive website Click here

Where can I get funding?
A full list of grants is available in the appendix of the Medic's Guide - your library should have a copy...
A good website if not is www.rdinfo.org.uk 

What about Travel Insurance?
The Medical Sickness Society do an excellent Travel Insurance package that covers you in case of failing exams and needlestick injuries - click on the banner above for more information and a 10% discount

What about Indemnity Insurance?
Contact your provider and make sure they cover you in your destination (get written confirmation)

Where can I get cheap flights?
Try your local STA as they can often do cheap student deals - 

look at the banners above

Actually I would just like someone else to organise it for me...
Well - organising your own elective is half the fun so do try to do it yourself unless you are really pushed for time...we are currently investigating the possibility of setting up elective packages - these would be available on a non-profit basis...any proceeds going towards a fund to enable students from other worse of countries travel to the UK...if you are interested, please let us know Click here

For more information on the hospitals/organisations above check out
 The Medic's Guide to Work and Electives Around the World

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Medics Travel is for doctors, nurses, medical/nursing students and other health professionals wanting to plan work and electives with hospitals,  NGOs and charities overseas. It also lists government and recruitment agencies and has updates for the ultimate guide - The Medics Guide to Work and Electives Around the World - good luck in your travels...and please update this site when you come back!!!
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